Are you in need of a specialized drug?

Mission Place Pharmacy has the best compounding services there are in the Maryland area. Compounding is an age-old practice. It came even before the mass production of medications was the trend. However, the constant need to produce a large number of supplies for the consumers kept the practice of compounding at bay. Pharmacists, on the other hand, were reduced to the job of dispensing drugs instead of formulating them.

Since some clients have special needs, compounding technicians consider these by producing personalized medications. Compounding is often indicated when a person is allergic to a particular component of a medication, requires another drug form (such as parenteral when only oral forms are available), has difficulty tolerating medication tastes and consistencies, and prefers many medications to be reformulated into one for better compliance.

Whatever the matter, Mission Place Pharmacy‘s compounding technicians are always just the right people to call on to. They work inside our well-equipped and state-of-the-art compounding laboratory where conditions are kept sterile for the production of high-quality customized medications.

If you have questions pertaining to our compounding services, you may contact us at 443-296-7478.