About Us

Our Mission Statement
It has always been Mission Place Pharmacy’s relentless pursuit to keep you and your family’s health of paramount importance. Health issues can be troublesome, but we need to struggle to keep our bodies as fit as possible to do our daily tasks.

Mission Place Pharmacy is your friendly neighborhood pharmacy. You get the same medication as in big chain stores (CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, etc.), with the same co-pay. Our facility abides by respect for every client’s rights. Taking into account your confidentiality, we keep your information securely stored in our database which is protected by a privacy software to prevent privacy theft or anything else.

Besides, our personnel are properly screened for their qualifications in our institution. Promising not only knowledge which is necessary during consultations with our pharmacists but also the right amicable attitude toward customers, we ensure you with total satisfaction. Along with this, the following contents are also included in our service package:

  • Free prescription pick-up and delivery
  • Prescription transfer discounts
  • Fast service while you wait
  • And many more advantages of doing business with your neighborhood pharmacy!

Mission Place Pharmacy will even facilitate your prescription transfer with so much ease and in the fastest way possible. If you have questions to ask us, contact us at 443-296-7478 or send an online message.